Will Jake Anderson and F/V Saga Return?

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Deadliest Catch has returned to Discovery Channel with the notable absence of the F/V Saga, arguably the most popular fishing vessel in the series. Accordingly, the viewers want to know whether the boat and its captain, Jake Anderson, will return to the series. The reality TV show revolves around crab fishermen and fisherwomen making a living in the Bering Sea. It is currently in its 20th Season and has a massive fanbase.

Here is everything we have learned about whether we will see Jake Anderson and the F/V Saga in Season 20.

Will Jake Anderson Appear on Deadliest Catch Season 20?

Yes, Jake Anderson will continue to appear on Deadliest Catch Season 20.

Anderson remains a part of the cast of Deadliest Catch in the show’s 20th iteration. However, with the F/V Saga being gone, he is no longer a captain. In the Season 20 premiere, Anderson reached out to his mentor Sig Hansen, who offered him a place on his ship, the F/V/ Northwestern.

Will the Ship F/V Saga Return for Deadliest Catch Season 20?

The F/V Saga may not return for Deadliest Catch Season 20.

Jake Anderson had been the captain of the F/V Saga for about 10 years and was the co-owner of the boat. He even allocated most of his savings and his children’s college fund to the business. However, Anderson discovered that his fishing vessel had been repossessed. The F/V Saga has appeared in Deadliest Catch since the series premiere. It has been an important component of the show.

Understandably, the fans have expressed their disappointment that they might not see the beloved ship in Deadliest Catch Season 20. As things stand, the F/V Saga may not return to the show in any of the episodes of the 20th season. Just like Jake Anderson, the rest of Its crew will likely venture out into the sea on other ships.

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