What Happened to Miranda Derrick From Netflix’s Dancing for the Devil Documentary?

bthwood_comJune 11, 2024

Disclaimer: The short article has mentions of suicide and abuse. Reader discretion is recommended.

Netflix documentary series Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult explores the terrifying statements created against the 7M management firm. Most of the promises in the documentary are by ex-associates of the administration enterprise and the Shekinah Church. Aside from that, the docuseries chronicles the journey of Miranda Derrick and her sister Melanie Wilking. Given that the launch of the documentary, there have been several reviews that Miranda remaining her family since of the 7M administration enterprise. Having said that, the famous TikTok dancer believes that her daily life is in risk after the documentary’s release.

In accordance to Nowadays, Miranda Derrick moved from her property to Los Angeles. Her sister, Melanie, before long joined her immediately after graduating from higher school, and they started earning videos for TikTok. After their information went viral, they rapidly attained thousands and thousands of followers. Having said that, in 2021, Miranda stopped that includes in Melanie’s movies and required to glance out for different chances. In the meantime, Miranda achieved James Derrick in 2019 and married him two many years afterwards.

Even though Miranda Derrick reconciled with her spouse and children, she feels that the documentary has created it tricky for her to connect with them all over again.

What did Miranda Derrick say about the Dancing for the Devil documentary?


Miranda Derrick thinks that the documentary presents a “one-sided” narrative. Getting it to Instagram tales, she alleged that her mother and sister under no circumstances liked her heading to church. She also claimed that her relatives harassed her.

Citing her statement, People Journal described, “In 2020 I went to Michigan to stop by my household for Xmas. My papa was taken to the medical center thanks to medical challenges. We acquired a telephone get in touch with expressing that he experienced a shorter time. Melanie and I drove to the medical center to say our past goodbyes. In advance of we went to the clinic to do so, I started off to pray for our Papa in the auto and Melanie bought offended, indignant with me and explained to me to end and to never pray about her. Our Papa handed away that working day.”

Now, in a recently uploaded video on Instagram, Miranda Derrick has claimed that the documentary has place her and her husband’s existence in risk. In the online video, Miranda shared that they allegedly obtained a whole lot of loathe mail and death threats after the documentary’s release. Moreover, she claimed that individuals want her and her spouse to commit suicide. Sharing one particular occasion, she additional, “Someone explained that, if I see you on the road, I’m going to arrive and get you so you superior get protection.”

Miranda also talked about how she experienced been hoping to make amends with her household for the previous few of several years. Having said that, owing to the documentary, it has manufactured items tricky for her to get the job done on the familial relationships.

Dancing for the Satan: The 7M TikTok Cult is now obtainable for streaming on Netflix.

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