How Many Episodes & When Do New Episodes Come Out?

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Viewers of Ciao House season 2 are wondering how many episodes are in the series and when each new episode comes out. The show revolves around 12 aspiring and upcoming culinary experts who are brought together under the roof of a mesmerizing Italian villa. They must compete against each other, both as individuals and in teams, to demonstrate their grasp and mastery over traditional Italian culinary techniques and secrets. Not only that, but these future maestros must also forge alliances and take on rivalries as they pick their team members, each vying for the prize of a prestigious culinary education in Italy under the supervision of the master chefs.

Here’s how many episodes are in Ciao House season 2 and on what day new episodes come out.

How many episodes are in Ciao House season 2?

Ciao House season 2 has 1 episode so far.

The episode list is as follows:

  • Episode 1: Welcome to Puglia!

The first episode of the show kicks off with the hosts welcoming the 12 talented and aspiring chefs to a villa in Puglia, Italy, where they will live together while competing against each other for the grand prize.

The cast of Ciao House includes Alex Guarnaschelli, Gabriele Bertaccini, Omar Ashley, Corey Becker, Saba Duffy, Trenica Johnson, Jess Mahoney, Preston Paine, and others.

When do new Ciao House episodes come out?

New episodes of Ciao House season 2 typically come out every Sunday.

The official synopsis for the series reads:

“Ten rising culinary stars live together in a breathtaking Italian villa and compete against each other as individuals and in teams to prove their mastery of Italian cooking techniques and dishes. Described as “Big Brother” meets “Under the Tuscan Sun,” the participants must also navigate alliances and rivalries as they pick their own teams. Each week, the losing team must vote off one of their own. In the end, only the last chef standing wins the life-changing grand prize: an immersive culinary education across Italy, training with renowned Italian master chefs.”

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