Donald Trump Biopic Sparks ‘Rape Scene’ Controversy at Cannes

bthwood_comMay 23, 2024

Donald Trump’s future biopic, The Apprentice reportedly received a almost 8-minute-long standing ovation right after its premiere at Cannes. Having said that, it also stirred up important controversy subsequent multiple objectionable scenes involving Sebastian Stan’s younger Trump.

The Apprentice features controversial Donald Trump rape scene

Even though men and women appreciated the drama that The Apprentice showcased at Cannes, a lot of were stunned by a scene amongst Sebastian Stan’s Trump and Trump’s ex-wife Ivana, played by Maria Bakalova.

There had been reportedly various unflattering sequences that featured the two. Having said that, the just one controversial second that stood out to quite a few in the viewers highlighted Trump sexually assaulting Ivana.

In the scene, Ivana displays her spouse a guide about the rewards of a woman orgasm. But matters take a drastic switch as Trump replies that he is not attracted to her anymore. Their argument intensifies and prospects Trump to toss her on the floor, angrily thrusting himself into her expressing, “Is that your G place? Did I obtain it?”

Per Assortment, individuals reacting to the scene labeled it “gross” and described what occurred in the scene as “rape.” One more female who watched the film reportedly identified as it a “disturbing sexual assault.”

This drama depicts Donald Trump’s lifestyle from the 70s to the 80s and there are reportedly other unsettling times in the movie aside from the rape scene as well. A handful of contain Trump getting liposuction, consuming amphetamine pills, and having “surgery to clear away his bald location.”

Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t appreciated how he has been portrayed in the biopic, with reps even calling it “blatantly false,” and purely fiction. In reply, director Ali Abbasi has made available to have a personal screening organized for Trump. As per AP information, the director even mentioned that he doesn’t think Trump would dislike the film immediately after realizing its context.

Even though The Apprentice has a couple objectionable scenes, it also reportedly showcases the billionaire’s good results and tries to make the audience sympathize with him.

Aside from Sebastian Stan and Maria Bakalova, The Apprentice stars Jeremy Solid, Martin Donovan, Charlie Carrick, and Catherine McNally, among the other individuals. It does not have a launch day still.

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