Are People Selling the MrBeast Houses Already?

bthwood_comJuly 10, 2024

MrBeast recently went viral (again) by building 100 houses for those in need. However, a rumor that one of the recipients is already trying to sell their home infuriated fans on social media. We’ll take a look at whether the rumor is true below.

Are people selling the MrBeast houses?

A post on Facebook from a user claiming that one of the MrBeast homes was on sale made the rounds, stating:

Cash only. Sold only to people with economic capacity or El Salvadorean expatriates(?). Brand new house in a new residential area exclusive with new soccer field.

2 rooms
Glass door and garden

$45,000 non-negotiable.
Only serious people.

The user who brought attention to the post implored the El Salvadorean Minister of Housing, Michelle Sol, to weigh in on the matter. In response, Sol stated that the post was a lie. The deeds to the houses MrBeast built were given to families with the stipulation that they couldn’t be sold for 20 years. She also confirmed that the person making the Facebook post is not on the list of those who received a deed.

There are also other signs that the Facebook post is illegitament. Upon examination, the photos in the sale post are lifted straight from the MrBeast video.

Additionally, the language and formatting of the post raised suspicions, as it contained inconsistencies and errors that were not typical of legitimate real estate listings. Many fans and observers pointed out that such a quick resale would contradict the spirit of MrBeast’s philanthropic effort.

Furthermore, MrBeast’s team has mechanisms in place to ensure the houses serve their intended purpose of providing long-term stability for the recipients. This incident underscores the challenges of misinformation on social media and highlights the importance of verifying claims before drawing conclusions or reacting emotionally.

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